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We as a nation can defeat cancer and the reason we know this is that we have defeated every single threat, which has come our way during our 200 plus year existence in this great nation. There is nothing we cannot do. If we can defeat the NAZI under Hitler, The Soviet Union and the spread of communism, International Islamic Radical Terrorism then by God we can whip cancer. Think about it, we have put a man on the moon, rovers on Mars, built stealth fighters and mapped the Genome, yes folks we can do anything. And that means we can defeat the cancer.

We must dedicate more monies to beating cancer once and for all. If we put the 200 Billion we are going to put into Louisiana to rebuild it into cancer research well then it would be a done deal in about 5-years or less. How can we not fund at the levels it takes to win, while we spend money on so many other worthy endeavors?

What we learn while we are researching and defeating cancer, will help lower our nations health care costs and that means we will be bucks ahead on our budget in the future. We are not the only nation on the Planet would be grateful of a cure for cancer, can you imagine the good will that might bring throughout the World. Think on this.

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